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We provide a safe, knowledgeable environment to assist customers 21 and older* who want to try cannabis and incorporate it into a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.


Cannabis has been legal long enough for our biologist led team to discern the premier growers from the mediocre ones. Our manufacturers have developed superior techniques to produce the purest product while maintaining the integrity of full spectrum cannabinoids. 

Our motto is if it’s not the best choice for our family it’s not on our shelves. 


The mission of every member of our staff is to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community by safely selling a product whose whole-health benefits we believe in.


The more you learn the better you can craft your cannabis experience. Whether you’re seeking the basics (beginners start here) or are a seasoned explorer (click here) we aim to provide all the knowledge and support you need to choose what’s right for you.