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We’ve separated our products into effects based categories so you can easily find the experience you seek. 

Our Product Categories Make Shopping Easy

Do you want to Unwind at the end of the day or Connect with friends? We’ve made shopping that easy. Going beyond simply defining strains and products as “indica vs sativa”, we’ve separated our products into effects based categories so you can easily find the experience you seek. 

Our educated staff is always ready to assist by answering any questions you may have and explaining all the details you desire.

Our “Trusted 6” Categories


Known for their mood elevating properties these strains are a great place to start. Whether you need a boost or something to reduce anxiety and clear your head these products can increase your sense of well-being. Think: attitude adjustment, feel good, grumpy, irritability, panic, and depression.


When you need a boost of energy. This category features strains to help you feel motivated to move. Beware some strains can bring on high euphoric energy. Think: energizing, awake, euphoric, upbeat, yard work, and great for movement. 


Ready to relax? Inside this category are strains that can help you melt away your stress or melt into the couch. These strains can help with calming an overactive monkey mind and can be helpful Think: chill out, calm down, disconnect, watch a movie, and rest.


Need help out of your shell or are you looking to inspire a gigglefest with old friends? With so many opportunities to connect we fully stocked this section with enough options to support everyone from the shy to the exuberant  at business gatherings to backyard barbeques.  Think: socialize, celebrate, party, and calm social anxiety.


Increased energy can help you focus, which is the gift of these strains. Whether the need is for a fast boost of energy to sharpen your alertness and focus or you are trying to combat fatigue these energizers come in a variety of strengths. Think: get things done, keep you on your path.


From everyday aches to surgical recover and chronic pain these strains can bring relief. While different lines will feature different attributes cannabis itself is commonly recognized for having a high pain reduction quality. If you want expert guidance our own staff nurse can work with you. Think: pain relief, body high, calming panic, useful for migraines and muscle spasms.

With 60+ strains we’ve loved becoming cannabis explorers! Our exclusive Cannabis Category Combos are a result of our passionate research. 

Try a Cape Ann Cannabis “Category” COMBO

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