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staff picks





We’re in the heart of Autumn now, the equinox has passed and the Topsfield fair is around the corner! 




Cherry Lemonade Seltzer / Levia

Hang on to a bit of summer with Levia’s Cherry Lemonade Seltzer.  An amazing sativa beverage (featuring the iconic cherry lemonade strain,) rich in lemon terpenes, which gives it a great, even, upbeat effect.

$6 (5mg)

Rosin Cubes / Heirloom Collective

Rosin Cubes is a great even, full-spectrum gummy, giving a nice intro for beginners, even if micro-dosed take half to start to see how you feel. Part of our live edibles selection these are a tasty choice for beginners and experienced edible consumers.


$24 Now $22 (100mg THC)


Tupelo Honey Disposable Vape / In House

Tupelo Honey Disposable Vape Pen is an unsung hero hybrid that’s always a staff and customer favorite! Not to be missed for the autumnal vibes. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a great way to have an on-the-go relaxing puff. Calming but not sleepy.

$40 (.5g)

Island Punch Nano Gummies / Wana

Island Punch terpene-rich, flavorful fast-acting gummies are consistent and delicious. If you’re looking to relax before hitting the fair or need a nice body buzz after a long week—take the plunge.

island punch gummies.png

$30 (100mg)


Guicy Banger Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll /Nature's Heritage

If sunlight, daytime energy is your thing this is a Sativa strain worth checking out. Great terpene profile including terpenes Myrcene and Limonene, which are great for mind/body relaxation. Yummy too, think sweet/sour, citrus, chocolate & coffee.

$22 (1g)

Lemon Slushie Vape Cart / Electric Underground

This super flavorful Sativa vape is a delicious way to deliver happy in a quick boost. Reported effects include energizing, happy and relaxing. A little goes a long way with this one!!

$70 (1g)

banana daddy.png

Banana Daddy / Simply Herb

Super great genetics in this Indica dominant hybrid strain including Grandaddy Purple. Social high, great for the lols, and even a great wind-down strain with friends. Reported effects: relaxed, happy, and talkative aka social smoke!

$40 Now $35 (3.5g)

Jiggler Live Traditional Hash / Fathom

Great way to top off a bowl or smoke on its own. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a great high. The Jiggler strain is designed to relax and mellow the body/mind. The flavor profile is sour, fruity and funky.      

bubble hash.png

$45 (1g)

blue dream.png

Blue Dream Sour Jack Pre-Roll / Bailey's Buds

This excellent Sativa-leaning Hybrid pre-roll pack is chock-full of terpenes to naturally boost your mood. Lineage includes strains like Blue Dream, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel to name a few. Worth sharing with your favorite friends!

$42 (2.5g)

purchase with points

purchase with points

Remember every $5 spent =  1 point.

They add up fast and never expire. Use them on great accessories like this:


Cape Ann Cannabis Hockey Jersey

$135 or 675 Loyalty Points

New: Grab your branded hockey jersey (it’s reversible!) while supplies last. Yes, your pads will fit underneath and yes the colors are popping! Wear it to the rink or give to a Cape Ann Cannabis fan—it’s a big win. 

nurse kurt suggests

nurse kurt SUGGESTS

medi pack.png

Medi Pak Cart / Ocean Breeze Cultivators

The 1:1 Medi Pak Vape Cartridge is Nurse Kurt’s pick of the week boosting anti-anxiety properties enhanced by the CBD. Kurt says the 1:1 ratio of this vape is a great way to relax, unwind while providing relief from anxiety “calming” was his go-to word to describe it.

$30 (.5g)

Nurse Kurt's  In-Store Schedule

Nurse Kurt consults with our customers over the phone and in-store to review things like medication interactions with CBD and THC. He also offers product options for anxiety, stress, pain management, and more.


Cape Ann Cannabis: Mon-Fri  10am-2pm

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