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Stressed-Less Seniors

While stress and anxiety are not exclusive to seniors, the reasons can be unique to those above 65. Some of the main causes for stress among seniors are isolation, living on a fixed income, medication, experiencing cognitive, functional and sensory impairments, chronic illness, and the more frequent loss of loved ones. These stressors can manifest in a variety of ways including insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, change in appetite, muscle tension, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Preventing and managing stress can be achieved with a wide array of methods but one that has growing popularity would be the use of cannabis. Cannabinoids, in particular CBD, interact with the body’s 5-HT1a receptor to promote the production of serotonin which decreases stress levels. In addition to this, CBD activates the CB1 receptors located in the brain’s amygdala. These receptors can be responsible for increased anxiety when blocked and inactive.

When it comes to cannabis and stress reduction it is important to understand how different cannabinoids may affect stress and anxiety. While there is still limited research on this topic, multiple sources state that THC can be calming at low doses (5mg or less) and possibly stress-inducing at higher doses. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to dosing when using a THC product to help with stress or anxiety. CBD as well as CBG have been shown to have overwhelmingly calming effects even at higher doses. If you are interested in using a THC product to manage symptoms it is highly recommended that you choose a product that has some kind of combination of THC, CBD, and possibly CBG. Formulations like this will decrease the chances of heightened anxiety and be most likely to promote a calming effect.

COAST Tangerine 1:1:1 gummies

Highly recommended by our Nurse Kurt as well as being a popular item among customers, these 1:1:1 gummies Coast have shown promising results for stress reduction. Formulated with equal parts THC, CBD, and CBG, these gummies can provide a calming effect to prevent or counteract chronic stress and/or anxiety. If you are new to THC products it is recommended that you only take half a gummy for the first dose during the evening to assess the potency. Once you have established what the effects are, you can titrate up or remain that the current dosing if the desired needs are met. As with all cannabis products, be sure to take an hour before or after any other medication to avoid interactions.

COAST Tangerine 1:1:1 gummies

Upstate CBD+CBG gummies

For those looking to avoid the high THC gives, the CBD+CBG gummies from Upstate Elevator may provide the relief you are searching for. Each gummy contains 15mg of CBD and 15mg of CBG. As with the Coast gummies, it is recommended that you start with an evening dose and hour away from other medications to determine how the product will affect you. CBG, in addition to possible stress relief, may help with digestive issues especially those related to anxiety.

Upstate Elevator CBD+CBG gummies

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