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Loyalty Points: Product Review

I know you may have heard it before but: Don’t forget to use those Loyalty Points! Every $5 you spend, translates to 1 point. They never expire, accumulate quickly, and you can rebuild! If you’re wondering how many points you have, they’re always on the bottom of your receipt.


Puffco Budsy

Water Bottle Bong

This awesome water pipe cleverly designed to mimic a water bottle is a great way to toke from late summer through fall. Feedback from customers and staff has been very positive. An easy-to-use bong (in the great out of doors, concerts, hikes, canoe trips…) with great flavorful hits and a smooth vapor.


The Budsy comes with a ceramic bowl (for bud) and silicone tab. Underneath the cap is the “straw” you pull from. Discreet, clever and once you’re home all the plastic parts of the bong are dishwasher safe! Very convenient.

$49.99 or 249.95 Loyalty Points

Use Your Points Today!!

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